To facilitate and accelerate meaningful and lasting transformations.


An expanding, global network of deep and fulfilling relationships with and among extraordinary people.


We are fueled by a constant curiosity regarding our own self-image and the gap between it and the way we are perceived by the world. When we have been able to mind this gap best, we have found ourselves at peak performance; and when we have left it unattended, we find unintended consequences are abound. As a team, we support each other in minding this gap with kind, constructive feedback and compassion.

We see empathy as one of the most powerful tools we posses. We use it to achieve a deep understanding of our clients' perspectives and then help them use it to see the perspectives of others. It is in this process that new opportunities are revealed and old problems are overcome by new ways of seeing the world.

Personal Development
We are all coaches and consultants in training. We will never be smart or skilled enough to give up on the pursuit of more.

Systems Theory
Organizations, teams, and families and the environments within which they function are living systems. We think about, describe and treat them as such; and, we leverage what the science of systems tells us about their nature.

To us "membership" is a loaded word, deep with meaning. We believe it implies willful participation, personal ownership and a dynamic balance between the individual and the collective. To master it, is to master oneself and the team at once.

Enthusiastic Engagement
We derive immense satisfaction from the work we do and the people we do it with. We believe that when you choose the right work for you it is fun - even when at its most intense.

Innovation & Renewal
We are serious about transformation; but not change for change's sake. We seek better solutions, better performance and our better selves.