All companies must adhere to federal and state laws regarding formation, licensing, registration, corporate, and/or tax specifications.  Officers, shareholders, and board members must adhere to specific laws, regulations, and codes of ethics pertaining to their roles and engagement in their companies.  Ensuring a proper foundation for the establishment of corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and subsidiary companies is of utmost importance for risk management, operational performance, and financial abundance.  Maintaining diligence around the appropriate adherence to stakeholder activities and corporate filings, although imperative, can be cumbersome.  The intricacies and nuances of paperwork, content, payments, and deadlines regarding the proper filing and keeping of corporate documentation are many.  We help organizations with corporate planning, compliance, and oversight regarding team structure and the establishment and maintenance of corporate standing in the states in which they operate.    

One of a company's most crucial resources during an M&A transaction is a consultant familiar with the legal, strategic, process, and project management aspects of due diligence and integration.  With our professional backgrounds focusing on precisely those areas, we offer a thorough and sophisticated combination of skills and perspectives necessary for an organized, efficient, and comprehensive transaction process.  We plan, manage, audit, and improve the procedural aspects of our clients' diligence and integration processes so they can focus on the substance and business aspects of the deal.