Are you embarking on a new chapter in your organization’s success? Mission, Vision and Values sessions and their work products form the bedrock of alignment upon which all organizational transformations should rest. They are the key elements of any organization’s charter. An effective mission re-frames in the most simple language possible who the organization serves, how it serves them and to what end. Visions, on the other hand, provide a clear picture of a compelling future state. They are capable of inspiring and enrolling employees and customers alike. Perhaps one of the most memorable and audacious corporate visions was Microsoft’s, “A computer on every desk” - which was composed at a time when most computer scientists thought fewer than a dozen computers could satisfy our global needs. Values, unlike missions and visions, don’t focus on what organizations do or why they do it so much as on they do or ought to behave. They are signposts to your culture, indicating how work gets done, how teammates and customers are treated, how decisions are made, conflicts are resolved, etc.

Many organizations develop effective and even inspiring missions and visions; but, they find themselves particularly challenged when it comes to developing values that speak to the culture they want (without being rejected or ignored by the culture they have).

Over the years, PerSynergy Consulting has developed a number of techniques for developing meaningful, consensus-based and inspiring missions, visions and values that serve as accelerators of alignment and change (not just hollow words on a web site or plaque). Contact us now to begin planning your change process today or to schedule an organizational assessment capable of identifying the gap between the culture you have and the one you need to succeed.